How “Ghost Fashion” Dresses were a Celebrity?

Approved Summer Staple

Holly Willoughby wore a beautiful green floral midi dress by Ghost Fashion, a British high-street brand. The dress is made from lightweight georgette fabric and features a shirred bodice with sheer sleeves. It is currently sold out at PS169. This dress is typical of the brand which was established in 1984. It is known for its feminine, flattering cuts and floral prints.

Willoughby has been in a lot of love with Ghost, and today marks the 11th time she’s worn Ghost since February.

Last week, she wore the Audree Wendy Confetti Hearts gown (PS169), while in mid-April, she opted to wear the brand’s black Lily silk polka dots dress (PS179), shop it here, and then the brand’s Marley Dress PS120 (PS120) in Flossy folk floral blue (PS120, shop in red here). Willoughby wore the Lucinda white puff-sleeved Lucinda with daisy print puff sleeves a few days later.

Holly isn’t the only celeb to harness the power of a Ghost Fashion summer gown 

The Duchess was seen at her Anmer Hall in Norfolk, wearing the blue Anouk floral satin midi. Kate, along with her entire family, chose to wear the colour NHS as a gesture of appreciation. The dress, which cost PS129, was quickly sold out. The Duchess of Cambridge had worn Ghost’s blue florals before. She also wore it on a trip she took to Pakistan in October 2019. Kate wore the very pretty, pale blue floral ‘Avery Ghost dress to a British High Commission function. Both occasions Kate looked effortlessly chic, approachable and well-put together.

This is the beauty of a Ghost Fashion dress. For less than PS200 (and often below PS150), you can get something beautiful and practical that looks equally good with stilettos (as Willoughby wears it on This Morning), as with trainers for a casual walk in the park.

Carrie Symonds was a master of sartorial art, and she chose to wear a pink floral Ghost gown for her first appearance outside No. Carrie Symonds was a master of sartorial magic, and she wore a pink floral Ghost dress for her debut outside No.

Ghost Fashion was originally a brand that focused on slinky, bias-cut dresses. It was founded by Tanya Sarne in 1984. The brand thrived in the 1990s. The brand was worn by It girls and models in the nineties and had eleven boutiques by 2004, eight perfumes, and plans to expand into swimwear and denim. However, Ghost was discontinued by Sarne two years later. This led to a decade of declining sales.

Ghost Fashion new owner Touker Sulman (of Dragons Den fame) brought Azeem onboard. She has reduced the brand’s price, added bold florals and leopard to the collection of pastel-coloured bias cut viscose dresses, and focused on Instagram influencers to advertise. The average customer age was 50 in 2014, two years prior to Azeem taking the job. It’s now 30-35. Ghost is no longer a destination for elegant bridesmaid gowns. Instead, Ghost has become a top-of-the-line destination for everyday, work, and partywear. Ghost’s website sales increased by 95% in 2017 according to The Telegraph. It has expanded from one UK shop to four and is also sold online at Selfridges, John Lewis, Harvey Nichols, and John Lewis.

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