This Morning Fashion: Vogue Activists Discuss

How fashion Drives Change?

Celine Semaan is the founder of Slow Factory. She says, “We are now at an era in activism, in an era in revolution, and in an age of global uprising.” Slow Factory is a non-profit working at the intersection between climate change and social justice. This Morning Fashion plays an important role in all this. Fashion plays an important role in how we express ourselves and how we communicate our beliefs. Fashion can be used to promote change.

We spoke with Semaan, an activist, about the role of fashion in creating a new culture that embraces diversity, climate change, inclusion, and all other issues. It doesn’t matter if brands and designers are willing to do that; consumers demand they take responsibility and make a difference.

We know what happens when they don’t. The Minneapolis police killed George Floyd. Designers who made lazy statements and used empty black squares quickly got to the bottom of it. The result was boycotts, #cancelled brands, fired CEOs and businesses going under. Industry called it “reckoning”. It was young people who made this happen by voting with their wallets for brands that reflect their values and scrolling past those that didn’t. The power of the dollar can mean different things to different people. For Semaan it means spending your money with climate-friendly brands; for Kimberly Drew (author and curator), it’s shopping with designers who are committed to your community. She says, “There is an old saying that you shouldn’t shop where you wouldn’t be hired.” “We must continue to think in those ways and avoid places that don’t conform to these shifts or changes.”

Ali Richmond and Hannah Stoudemire hope designers will take diversity and inclusion seriously. This is a change from 2016, when Fashion for All was launched by the pair in response to the deaths of Alton Sterling, Sandra Bland and Philando Castile. Stoudemire wonders, “Where was the fashion industry then?” The This Morning Fashion consumer has realised their power. They endorse a brand every time they spend money with a designer. This puts more pressure on corporations and brands to live up to consumer expectations.

Richmond says, “I love what is happening.” I just hope the consumer sees their full potential. It’s gonna be scary when they finally realise that they don’t really need this.

Drew says, “I want brands to This Morning Fashion understand themselves as aspirational and that they have the resources necessary to make these shifts. Be the brand people need right now.” Let’s get moving, let’s make that change happen. It’s what we want!

You can watch the whole segment or catch up on all the episodes. Stay tuned for more Good Morning Vogue episodes every Monday through Friday as the spring 2021 season continues in Paris, Milan, and London. If you’re like us, getting dressed in the morning is a matter of grabbing whatever’s closest to you, drying it, and then hoping it matches your shoes. Safestore offers some great advice on how to make your mornings easier (and look less rushed) by planning ahead. Prepare to learn how you can dress!

Which morning person are you This Morning Fashion?

If you hate your morning routine, it’s easy to recognize the type of person you are.

You lack confidence in your fashion sense and have few clothes in your closet. It is more important to get your kids dressed in time for school. Therefore, a simple and basic outfit is better than a full-on nude. It’s just work, right? !

You feel totally chaotic and run around like a chicken with lots of clothes. You have too many options and school is soon so an uncoordinated outfit will be better than late arrivals at the school gates.

You are an inbetweener, which means you fall somewhere between A-B. It is possible to pick a nice outfit, but it all depends on how much you have slept and if your kids are good. You might end up with a mismatched suit and slippers if you are not careful. !

How to make your mornings more pleasant?

Two options are available to make your mornings more pleasant.

1) You can wear the same outfit every day of your week

Although it may sound absurd, this is actually a common practice! Steve Jobs was well-known for his Levi’s, black turtleneck, and New Balance trainers throughout the week. Although he was more well-known for his Apple work than his fashion sense …), he was still a very fashionable man.

For most people, however, it’s not a common thing to wear the same outfit every day, regardless of whether you are a fashion enthusiast or not.

2) Plan your daily outfits

Every aspect of our lives is planned, so this Morning Fashion why not the things we wear every day? Consider the weekly food shop. It’s common to decide what we want to eat each week and then write a list before going out to buy it.

Planning your outfits doesn’t have to be any different from shopping for food. You already have the ingredients in your closet! Spend 30 minutes with your wardrobe on Sunday evening and plan, PLAN PLAN, PLAN!