Fashion Retail Academy: Edinburgh College

Career path to St James Quarter Fashion Retail Academy

St James Quarter is booming with big names. But this one has a different role. SJQ hopes to train a talent pool through the Fashion Retail Academy (FRA). This will be used to staff the retail shops within the PS1 billion development.

Training staff could begin studying now to be able to get a job at the Edinburgh Colleg.

FRA is the fastest route to a career as a fashion retailer. The FRA offers a variety of courses that include industry involvement. This ensures students can progress to employment.

St James Quarter has provided funding assistance to Edinburgh College and worked with the FRA in developing the new program. Fashion-passionate students began their studies on 25 January.

This relationship will last a long time and will help to increase Edinburgh’s talent for retail roles. This will be a resource for St James Quarter staff and others. FRA will contribute its expertise to the program.

Students on the SCQF Level 5 Course in Retail Fashion, Branding, and Marketing will learn all about fashion retailing, branding, marketing, satisfying customer needs, and digital retailing. There are many amazing opportunities for employment with all the top brands coming to St James Quarter. This is an incredible way we can support local graduates, foster local talent, and bring a nationally recognized curriculum to our city.

“After a difficult year, one our main focuses is to increase the Scottish retail industry. We also want to help the next generation get the support and opportunities they need. We are excited to partner with Edinburgh College Fashion Retail Academy and it is a great project. We look forward to seeing the progress of the students throughout the course.

Amanda Colvin is the Director of Marketing and Sales at Fashion Retail Academy. She said that FRA has the opportunity to expand its reach and provide support for more young people looking to enter the fashion retail industry. This is the beginning of a long and successful partnership that will bring a variety of fashion courses to Edinburgh. “

Audrey Cumberford is the Edinburgh College Principal. She said, “We are thrilled to be working with the Fashion Retail Academy and the St James Quarter to offer people in this region the opportunity to develop their careers as fashion and retail professionals through world-class training.

“Working together with Fashion Retail Academy to offer the Certificate in Retail Fashion Branding and Marketing course allows us to combine our lecturers’ knowledge with that of the FRA’s retail education experts – giving students the skills they need, and retailers the highly-skilled and talented workforce.

“We are thrilled to be the first Scottish College that has collaborated with the FRA in such a way. We look forward to building the partnership to create a talent pool which will provide world-class service to the people and of Edinburgh.” The agency provides content and design work to the FRA which works with more than 135 major fashion retailers, including five main sponsors, Arcadia.

Amanda Colvin, FRA’s marketing & communications manager, stated that she was delighted to work with Hangar Seven. They have a track record of providing content in the fashion industry and, most importantly, they have shown a strong commitment towards the FRA’s charitable ethos.

FRA offers a wide range of vocational fashion courses to 16+ students. This includes work placements, regular master classes with Fashion Retail experts, and regular master classes.

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