The End of “Fashion World Login”

You’d be looking over your firstborn child if you hadn’t been reading the Ten Plagues of Egypt in Exodus. We have seen the fires of hell in Australia and the UK, biblical flooding in the UK and tornadoes here in the US Fashion World Login in the first ten months of the new decade. In East Africa, there has been unprecedented locust swarms, severe weather, and an epidemic that has nearly wiped out the entire planet.

When I left for Milan on January 10, for the men’s fashion show, Covid-19 was still in China’s Hubei province. Next, I was distracted by the fires in Australia where I have friends and family. On January 30, the first case of Covid-19 was reported in Italy. Two more cases were reported to me when I returned from Milan for the women’s shows on February 19. Five days later, the number had increased to 157 by the time I returned from Milan to Paris. It began to rain in the UK, and it continued raining in Paris for five days. At the end February, a 200-billion-strong swarm was detected in Kenya. In Italy, there were 1,128 cases. Yesterday’s death toll was 5,476, which surpasses China’s exponential growth in cases across the West.

I have always been in an apocalypse. Fashion World Login Ask anyone. As a baby in arms, I believed that you should imagine the worst and be surprised by what happens. We would leave the family home to go on holiday and I would say goodbye, knowing that I would never see it again. This led to a grueling teenage years that saw me drawn to every kind of disaster from Warhol’s Factory to H.P. Lovecraft. A fascination with Charles Fort, “the patron Saint of cranks,” who first published the Book of the Damned in 1919 was a compendium of the unexplicable, is another reason. This book has a unique resonance in these extremely peculiar times. It was the thread. Their arrogance is also a problem. They are too arrogant to challenge the grandeur and beauty of the multiverse.

Nature is mysterious. David Attenborough is our favorite. He captures the mysteries of Nature and leaves us in awe. Nature is also unpredictable. Why is the horseshoe crab a constant thought in my head? Because the Fashion World Login horseshoe crab, which is pre-dating dinosaurs, is at least 450million years old, it’s called “a living fossil”. It still thrives. It would, if its copper-rich blood wasn’t so valuable as a tool to “identify bacterial endotoxins and medical applications.” Representatives of H. Sapiens, who are the only survivors from the genus homo, are applying the medicine. I’ll direct you to Yuval Noah Harari’s Sapiens to see how fate worked in our favor.

Sapiens could be 300,000. Because the fossil record is constantly being updated, it’s difficult to keep up. He dares to clap his hands on the poor horseshoe. The entire history of Planet Earth can be compressed into 12 hours in a game that I like. This timeline shows that humankind as we know it appears in the last 2 seconds. The Anthropocene Era, the term we now use to describe everything since 1792’s Industrial Revolution, begins one tenth second ago. Take a look at the destruction H.sapiens has caused in that subliminal flash of time. Horseshoe crab, content in its coexistence with its environment for many aeons would be an excellent witness to the prosecution of our species’ willful behavior.

The idea of dominion was the first. Many people swear by the King James Bible. It contains these words: “And God spoke, and let us make man in the image of God, after our likeness. And let them have dominion on the fish of the ocean, and the fowls of the air and cattle, and all the earth and over any creeping thing that crawled upon it.” Do you see dominion as the guardianship over the horseshoe, Fashion World Login all other living things, and every bit of flora or fauna on the planet? Do you view it as an invitation to abuse and use?

I recently joined the @thesavemovement pro-vegan network and have, like any zealous convert to the message, passed it on to as many people as I can. (My father in law stopped eating meat. It is difficult to live by this principle on a daily basis and not feel the influence of karma. The exploitation of animals has been honed into unthinking, but numbingly sadistic patterns in human behaviour. This would suggest that there should be a response or a reminder from the Grand Designer. (Is it true that quantum scientists are the most spiritual scientists? If so, then they are the ones closest to understanding Fashion World Login the grand design of the multiverse). Humankind is not the agent of its destruction, but as one with it. Pandemics are a good example. Within a month, Covid-19 and its forced reduction of human activity had ended and the skies were blue once again in parts of China that had been smog-choked. Rumours circulated that there were dolphins and swans living in Venice’s canals. We wanted to believe in a joyous fantasy of a world without our presence.