What is “Steampunk Fashion”?

Steampunk fashion is a beautiful fusion of Victorian style and futurist elements. It’s based on what people from that time believed the future would hold. Steampunk fiction is the main source of inspiration.

Some people are so accustomed to the steampunk look that it is part of their daily lives. Others use it for special events and cosplay. There is a market for steampunk fashion in every way.

What is Steampunk Fashion?

You probably know that Steampunk was invented by H.G.Wells, and other writers like him. His passion for science and Victorian eras influenced Steampunk.

Steampunk is closely associated with Goth, and clothing refers to gypsy and punk clothing. The internet has made steampunk fashionable. You can now find Steampunk clothing online, from Victorian-style dresses to fictional Goth gadgets and steampunk-looking watches.

Creative Creations of Fashion

Steampunk’s distinctive characteristic is that steampunk costumes are hand-crafted, thrifted and made into amazing pieces. However, with increasing popularity, there are many stores now selling neo-vintage clothing.

Classic outfits include corsets. petticoats. waistcoats. duster coats. high collars. steampunk hats. Accessories such as goggles or pocket watches. Accents with cogs and buckles are common.

Different types of Steampunk Fashion

Even though there have been technological advancements and new fiction, fashion has remained largely unchanged and remains a niche. However, there are many styles that stem from steampunk.

Gothic Steampunk

It is clear that punk has influenced goth culture more than punk. The Gothic, Victorian, and Elizabethan eras are the main determinants of gothic trends.

Goth fashion combines lace, corsets fishnets, fishnets, and velvets. It is most commonly found in black and purple. Jewels and leather are also a part of the mix. The look can also include dark hair, dark lipsticks, fingernails and eyeliners (for both men and women).

Gothic steampunk is the closest to traditional steampunk. It features all the same classic details, but more emphasis on lace and sexiness. The color scheme is darker, with lots of black and smaller splashes of rich, dark colors like reds or purples. This is the gothic version of steampunk, which makes jewelry a main accessory, whereas traditionally, pocket watches were the main accessory.

Pirate Steampunk

This genre incorporates some pirate life while sticking to the steampunk colors and themes. Many people create pirate steampunk ships based on fiction like Boneshaker or make their own characters by adding pirate weapons, braids and modified eye patches to their costumes.

Adventurer-Explorer Steampunk

Adventurer-Explorer steampunks are big on their gadgets and tool belts that can help them navigate unfamiliar worlds. To see the wilderness, they will often wear a safari helmet and binoculars.

Military Steampunk and Dieselpunk

Dieselpunk fashion is based on the same concept as steampunk. It combines aesthetic elements of a war-torn world that was stuck in the 1940’s with technological advances and machinery powered by diesel engines. This translates to military outfits, colonial-style, bomber jackets and overalls as well as working class clothes. Gritty modern elements are combined with grungy colors, weaponry, and other modern elements. These outfits are often somewhere in between gritty dieselpunk and military steampunk.


Lolita fashion also draws inspiration from Victorian style. Lolita fashion is not like steampunk. It emphasises girlishness and frilly lace. This fashion style has seen a lot of growth, with multiple sub-genres including steampunk. However, the original school-girl look was characterized by uniforms and light-colored girl patterns.

Steampunk Clothing & History Steampunk Fashion

Victorian clothing is most likely to have a greater impact on steampunk than all the other items. The Victorian age is the basis of steampunk culture. The clothing design changes a lot due to the industrial revolution.

As the sewing machine became more popular, so did dresses. Their prices fell. These dresses were much cheaper than handmade products and fashion became far simpler. The steampunk corsets were designed to form the woman’s body into the famous S-curve. While the skirts were made to fit tightly over the hips, the skirts were specifically made to be worn close to the waist. It is safe to say, however, that steampunk costumes are a mixture of subcultures and epochs.