Skag Dog Days: Walkthrough

Borderlands 3’s Skag dog Days quest can be found in The Droughts on Pandora. Although it may be technically a tutorial, the solution is not always obvious — especially if you are chatting with your friends and miss key dialogue. This is how to beat Skag Dog Days quest from Borderlands.

The quest is fairly straightforward. You will need to kill a few bosses and collect items before you can claim your reward. When you need to harvest fruit from several trees, things can get more complicated. You will find cactus fruits if you follow the steps.

The fruit trees are protected from damage. You will need to do some area damage in order to get the fruit off. There are a few options. Granades are an option, but they can be hard to come by. Instead, use your ground pounding ability to grab Claptrap’s hanger. Find some rocks that you can jump off and land near trees.

As Chef Frank suggests, the harvest of cactus fruits can be done with any explosive measure “like ground slams or grenades”, not just The Big Succ’s alternative fire mode. Ground Slams can be achieved by jumping off the protrusion onto an acactus.

A Frigid Badass Varkid and Voltaic Badass Varkid could be encountered at Dahl’s 3rd Brigade Memorial Dam during the first phase. They can pose a serious threat to Vault Hunters of low levels.

You can see that Chef Frank claims his skag meat hot dog are made from toenail clippings, dead skin, and how he changed his identity. He also describes how he called his rival an “arrogant spatula-wielding buttard”, and how the weapon he gives you is the “Emperor’s Condiment.” It is possible that Chef Frank is Spatula Khan’s opponent, the Weenie Emperor.

Borderlands 3 Skag Day Side Mission Skag Dog Days Walkthrough

Skag Dog Day is a side mission within Borderlands 3 (BL3). This guide will walk you through the Skag Dog Days Side Quest.

  • The Big Succeed.
  • Take a car from the Catch a Ride station nearby, and then go to the North-West.

You have two options: go inside right away, or climb the ladder to the right and jump over the concrete pillars for a chest. After you have grabbed the chest, you can head into the area and kill the enemies. Next, you will need to head to the West side of this building to find a Badass Varkid that you must kill in order to progress.

  • You will find the Big Succ in a cardboard box marked on the floor of the trailer.
  • Cacti are available for purchase

Chef Frank will then direct you to use The Big Succ in order to harvest some cacti. This is at a point North-East from the original location you picked up the mission. You will need to park your car at the marked point to get into the crevice.

Cactus Fruit: Pick up

Chef Frank tells you to use the secondary fire from the gun he has you get a grenade launcher to blow up the Cacti in order to get their fruit. The red glowing ones only drop fruit. There are usually more than one within the area, so it’s important to check several. To get five fruit, you must find and shoot five. Normal weapon damage will display the cacti in “immune”, but it must be explosive damage. Other explosive weapons, such as rocket launchers and other rocket launchers, are also possible. To make the fruits fall down.

Collect Succulent Skag Meat: 0/5

You will be attacked by Skags while you are in this area. Chef Frank instructs you to grab the meat from five of them.

Kill Succulent Alpha Skag Dog Days

Now Chef Frank asks that you kill an Alpha Skag to give him its meat. This cave is closer to the entrance of this area. This is not as difficult as the other skags. You can also switch to more powerful weapons if you already have them, rather than trying to shoot the mission given weapon.

Fans can finally joy-pump their faces with Borderlands 3 after a long wait. It includes insane starter quests such as Skag Dog Days, which is in true franchise fashion. Are you unsure how to get those Cactus Fruit?

Cactus Fruit is extremely resistant to bullets as well as elemental damage effects such shock, corrode and cryo. It’s easy to get the fruit to drop, but it is not as simple as you might think.

You can find the fruit by simply running around the marked areas with the triangles on your map, and looking for the red cactus.

The fruit is immune to any damage no matter how many bullets are lobbed at it or what special class abilities they use. However, they will instantly fall free if you do even one point of splash damage.

  • It is easiest to do this with The Big Suc gun, located in the trailer marked above.
  • To lob grenades, you can use the gun’s alternative fire mode instead of firing bullets.

You can still get The Big Succ if you don’t have enough grenades, or you are unable to pick up the Big Succ sooner in the quest.

This route can be taken by tapping the crouch button and falling from a distance. Large rocks close to the Cactus Fruit plants should be large enough to cause splash damage via the ground pound, and knock them loose.