Modern Dog Crate: So Pretty

However, you will only have two choices for pet crates if you visit a big-box pet store: a metal dog enclosure on a pan or a tan box with wire doors. They are not very design-oriented and won’t enhance your home. A growing number of companies are releasing dog kennels that look great, are functional, and can be displayed. These are some of our top Modern Dog Crate that will give your pet a safe and stylish space.

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The Modern Dog Crate has become more popular as people return to work. A Modern Dog Crate is a must-have item for any pet, whether they are a new puppy or an old friend. These furniture protectors provide comfort and security for pet owners, allowing them to be their own dog while away.

Canine Credenza

This credenza’s design is unmatched. The piece is made from high-quality sustainable materials and are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. It can accommodate a soft pet bed. There are three width options for the credenza. You can also choose from different hardware styles and drawer accent colors.

Fable Crate

You might have thought this Fable crate was a fashionable side table, even if you knew better. It’s simple and elegant, with its bent wood sides and clear acrylic or metal doors. The grate can be kept inside the crate so that your dog can have access to it when you are not there.

Revol Modern Dog Crate

Diggs made a stylish and functional collapsible dog crate. Although the crate has wire siding, it is far more stylish than the wire dog enclosures that you might see at your local shelter. It is safer than traditional wire crates because it has a single-piece frame and diamond-shaped mesh. This is also useful if your dog needs a travel crate. You can choose from three colors, and the optional orthopedic memory foam crate pad is washable and tear-resistant. There are options for medium and small dogs, even though there isn’t yet a large version.

Stelly Large Double Wide Modern Dog Crate Credenza Pet Crate

You may have limited space if you have a large dog but a small home. A large Modern Dog Crate can double as furniture. This credenza is large enough to accommodate beefy dogs and functional enough to be used as a TV console, bar cart or display area for your favorite decor items. Two rolling drawers help to keep gear out of reach but still handy for dogs.

PetSo Crate

This modern crate is sure to make your dog feel like the king or queen in their castle. The house-shaped sleeping quarters come with an acrylic door that can be seen through. This allows your dog to see their surroundings and still feel safe inside their own space. It has a lot of ventilation holes, and a thick cream-colored cushion. You can customize the crates with your dog’s name on the front panel.


This kennel is undoubtedly one of the most unique shaped on the market. You can choose from four sizes and six wood colors. The kennel also comes with a customized cushion to make Fido feel cozy and comfortable. For a small fee, you can have your name added to the façade.

Brook Corner Credenza

The solid wood triangle-shaped crate is ideal for both a private place for your dog and a table to improve awkward corners. You can choose from more than 20 different base colors and three different top finishes. This crate will match your furniture perfectly.

Menzel Modern Dog Crate Lattice

This crate could be mistaken for a side table, but it is actually a beautiful crates. The space has a modern look thanks to its latticed design, which allows for lots of light and ventilation. You can also remove the door to make it more dog house-like than a crate. It can hold up to 300 lbs of dog if it is large enough.

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