Pets Pyjamas is all about style and function. We asked Andrew Dog overalls Cox, Head Veterinary Nurse at Goddards Veterinary Clinic, London, if dogs really need coats.

Andrew states, “Dog overalls are great to keep small, short-haired dog dry and warm in winter.” Even Labradors and Norfolk Terriers, many dogs can get cold in winter so a coat or jumper will be a great option. A coat is recommended for small breeds such as Chihuahuas to keep them warm and happy during cooler temperatures.

A raincoat is a great option for dog owners who take their dogs out in the rain. Andrew states that dogs wearing coats are safe for their pets, aside from the obvious dangers associated with overheating them in hotter temperatures.

Dog Overalls facts & Tips

Dog overalls are a great option. Not all dogs require coats. Akitas and Newfoundlands, Siberian Huskys and Cairn Terriers, as well as Pomeranians, are able to withstand cold temperatures thanks to their undercoats. To determine if a coat might be necessary, research your breed thoroughly.

Some dogs may not be comfortable wearing coats. Some dogs will be uncomfortable wearing a coat and you shouldn’t force them to do so. If your dog feels that they really do need a coat of some sort, allow them to wear it around the house for a while and then build on it.

Coats don’t just work for small dogs. Greyhounds, Greyhounds and other larger dogs may also benefit from coats.

To ensure a perfect fit, measure your dog before purchasing a coat. The coat should not be too tight as it could hinder your dog’s mobility. You should also make sure there are no zips, tags, or other parts hanging from the coat that could catch your dog or cause irritation.

Are Dogs Really Required to Wear Clothing?

Are dogs really required to wear clothing? Don’t dogs already have their own fur coat? Some would argue it’s even cruel. According to the RSPCA, a UK animal welfare charity, people who dress up their dogs could face criminal prosecution. Dressing your dog should be done with common sense, as with all things in life. Your dog doesn’t need to wear anything if it’s 90 degrees outside. A jacket is not necessary for your Husky. Take off your Husky’s jacket if they are unable to move in it.

Warmth dog overalls

Warm sweaters or coats are a great way to provide extra protection from the elements for small dogs, elderly dogs, and those with thin bodies. These dogs may have difficulty retraining their bodies or creating enough warmth to keep them warm. Because Mr. N is only covered by one coat of hair and has very little body fat, he is not protected against the cold. He follows my rule of thumb: If I wear a jacket, he must too. He shivers and looks miserable without a coat. He is able to chase ducks through the snow, interrupting snowpeople’s selfies and chasing them.

A raincoat is essential for us both to be able to go on walks in a city where it is raining three times a year. Without a raincoat Mr. N wouldn’t be capable of going for walks most of the year. He thinks that is cruel.


Both humans and dogs can benefit from wearing clothing to keep their environment clean. Less dirt means fewer baths. A jacket is helpful for Mr. N because his hair attracts all things and is low to the earth. If he decides to roll in something gross, a jacket is a great option. It’s the clothing that takes most of the blame.


Visibility is crucial for keeping your dog safe on nighttime walks, hunt season and off-leash hikes. Mr. N is tan and blends in with dirt, sand, and dry grass so I make sure he wears colorful clothing when he’s off-leash to keep me informed of where he’s going. He wears a vest to see in the dark so that he isn’t mistaken for a rabbit.


Dogs with allergies can be helped by clothing. It prevents them from scratching, chewing, licking or licking their allergens. It can prevent your dog from getting sunburned or irritating their incisions. Boots will prevent your dog from getting salt in their paws or walking on hot or abrasive surfaces. Cooling vests can be used to cool them off.


If your dog is willing to participate, dressing up your dog for holidays and other special occasions can be fun. If they are pawing at the clothes or freezing, it is likely that they don’t want to take it off. You can make them wear a bow-tie or a bandanna if they don’t like clothes. Mr. N enjoys the extra attention that special outfits bring and will help me to get him dressed. He doesn’t like hats but he does wear them for a few seconds to take a quick picture and is often rewarded with a lot of money.

Dog overalls with legs

Outdoor-loving dogs with short hair and thin coats will appreciate the Dog Overalls with Legs. They provide protection from the rain and wind. This style of coat is ideal for short-haired dogs.

These jackets protect dogs from wind, rain, and mud as they travel on their daily adventures. For double-coated dogs, a dog jumper may be sufficient, but it won’t protect their whole body from dirt. The Rukka Dog Overalls are the best choice.

Rukka’s waterproof dog jacket has legs specially made for outdoor dogs that need protection from the elements. This complete overall protects your dog’s legs, belly, and body. Rukka is the perfect dog coat if your dog needs waterproof overalls.

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