Dolly Fashion: Parton looks back on her best

Country-Glam Fashion Moments Dolly Fashion

Dolly Fashion Parton says, “I’ve never considered myself fashionable.” Parton’s extensive collection of country-glamour looks proves otherwise. Parton, who has a new Christmas album called A Holly Dolly Christmas out now, has brought her unique glamour to the stage and to the big screen. Her signature Dolly look features long hair, big shape and lots of rhinestones. In a Vogue video, Parton takes a look back on some of her favourite fashion moments that include all these elements.

With her 1974 album cover, Jolene, the country legend started her journey down fashion memory lane. It was one of her most iconic records. Parton wears her trademark bouffant, a striped look and puff shoulders on it. Parton’s album cover for 1977’s Here You Come Again was another favorite from the decade. Parton wore a classic button-up and a pair blue jeans on it. She says, “I may have put it together myself.” “I would have imagined somebody saying, ‘Why don’t you do a little Marilyn Monroe look?’ Marilyn Manson. More like it!” Dolly Fashion glamour began to emerge in the 1980s. Parton remembers being completely unfamiliar with the red carpet experience when she attended the premiere of her film 9-5 in 1980. Ann Roth, the film’s costume designer made a pink, embroidered gown for Parton. It was paired with a fur stole. Parton said that she remembers feeling very pretty. Parton says that it was the first time she felt fashionable. Parton recalls an episode of 1987 with Oprah Winfrey. She recalls that she loved their outfits, especially the glittery gold ones. Tony tried to dress me up in big, heavy clothes, but I said, “Tony, you need to tone it down.” “There’s nothing special about me except my mouth and my boobs!”

Parton fondly recalls her performance with Elton John at 2005 CMA Awards. She wore a pair of bell bottoms with embroidered embroidery as a tribute to her costar. She says that she was trying to imitate Elton John and that maximalism Dolly Fashion is her style. “More is better and whoever invented ‘Less Is More’ is full of it.” Miley Cyrus’ performance at the 2019 Grammy Awards was another favorite moment. She wore a Steve Summers gown. Parton said, “I’ve known Miley since she was a little baby.” “Miley loves [and has performed] my songs since she was a tiny baby, and when she was young, Hannah Montana gave me a whole new generation.” Parton says she isn’t a fashion icon, but she did pioneer the country-glam look by accentuating her curves with sequin jumpsuits and rhinestone gowns.

The 74-year-old music icon breaks down 11 of her most memorable style moments in a video for Vogue’s YouTube series “Life in Looks”. But she does not stop there. Let me tell you about myself and my style.

Parton recalls her Jolene album cover from 1974, her Grammy Awards performance look for 2019, and the gown she wore in the 1980 premiere of 9 to 5. It was beautiful. It made me feel beautiful and confident. That was the first time that I felt fashionable.

Parton was the next big movie star to debut in 1984 with Rhinestone, a musical comedy in which she played a country-singing singer alongside Sylvester Stallone. It was her famous costar who inspired her to bring her A game to the red carpet. She recalls thinking, “I must look good” because Stallone was more hot than Dooley back then. He is a true gentleman who dresses up in every way he can.

The “Jolene” singer chose a white off-the-shoulder gown with a slit and, of course, rhinestone-embellished hemlines. She recalls that she tried to look like Dolly best at the premiere.

Parton discusses her Dolly Fashion variety show look in 1987, her Christmas at Home special dress in 1988, and the black leather jumpsuit she wore to Saturday Night Live. Parton also shares fashion advice, funny quips, and classic Dollyisms. Parton speaks out about Tony Chase, Dolly Fashion variety show costume director. She says that he tried to dress her in clothes with big shoulders and that were fashionable. I replied, “Tony, you just need to tone it down a bit — there’s nothing big about my mouth and my boobs!”

“Well, hey!” Parton responds when she flips to a photo from 1989’s SNL appearance. Parton says, “I was the host of the show and I was also the musical guests.”

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