What are “Baby Cockroaches” and how do they work?

Although baby cockroaches may be small, they can still be fierce. A baby cockroach refers to a cockroach that is still in its nymph stage. These cockroaches are often an indicator of a larger problem. To help you recognize and eradicate an infestation, we have compiled information on baby cockroaches.

What do baby cockerroaches look like?

Baby cockroaches are smaller than adult cockroaches. They hatch white when they first hatch. They will begin to darken within a few hours. Some cockroach nymphs do not have fully developed wings while others don’t even have wings. They will molt many times before becoming symptoms in adults. The color of baby cockroaches can vary depending on the species.

  • American Baby Cockroach: Grayish brown, then turns red
  • German Baby Cockroaches: They are darker than adults and have a tan stripe at their back
  • Oriental Baby Cockroach: Reddish brown with light and darker bands
  • Brown-Banded Cockroach: A dark brown baby cockroach with yellow markings around their abdomen

These cockroaches will molt and grow in size and color until they resemble more adult cockroaches.


The sizes of baby cockroaches vary depending on the species. About 1/8 inch is the difference between brown-banded and German cockroaches. The length of Oriental baby cockroaches is about 1/4″.


The average size of baby cockroaches is 1/2 inch for both brown-banded and German cockroaches. Oriental cockroaches are able to grow up to 1 inch in length. American cockroaches can grow up to 3 inches in length and are the largest of all species.


It is important not to judge a babycockroach by its size. These cockroaches can still be a danger to your home and family. They can contaminate food preparation areas and food sources, just like adult cockroaches. These cockroaches will soon reach full size. American cockroaches are found outside, but german shepherd cockroaches prefer to be indoors. They can hide in dark places, making it difficult for you to control and identify an infestation.


Although it may not seem like much, a single baby cockroach could indicate an infestation. It is rare to find one nymph cockroach. Female cockroaches can reproduce very quickly as adults. According to the species, they produce egg cases called oothecae. These eggs can hold up to 50 eggs. They can lay 6-30 eggs per year during their adult lives.

Because cockroaches live a relatively short life span, they can produce many cockroaches quickly, which can lead to an infestation. These cockroaches will start to reproduce as they grow up, which can lead to an increase in their number. It is difficult to control an infestation of cockroaches.


You can take preventative steps to keep cockroaches out of your right home. Cockroaches come into homes to find food, water and shelter. Cockroaches won’t stay if you get rid of these items.

To eliminate food sources, clean regularly: Clean the house, vacuum, sweep up crumbs and wipe up spills.

Pick up Pet Food: Cockroaches love pet food so be sure to get it picked up at night.

Clutter can be a hiding place for cockroaches. Take out piles of cardboard and paper. To keep cockroaches from getting to your items, store them in plastic containers with lids.

Eliminate moisture: Look for any leaky pipes or moisture buildup. To avoid cockroaches, make sure you change the water bowl often.


You should act fast if you find a baby cockroach. Sprays can be a great option to get rid of the cockroaches that are crawling about your home. Maggie’s Farm Simply Effective Ant & Roach Killer spray kills on contact and provides residual repellency. The residuals won’t be harmful to pets or people, but they will discourage cockroaches coming back.

You must eliminate the source of the infestation to keep your home free from cockroaches. This can be done with a bait such as Maggie’s Farm Simply Effective Roachkiller Gel Bait. Other cockroaches can be exposed to the bait if they eat it and then return to their nest. They eat the cockroach’s droppings and the cockroach that has died. Remember not to place baits in areas that have been sprayed. Spraying the area will repel cockroaches, and prevent them from eating your bait.

Do not let the baby cockroach nickname fool you. These cockroach Nymphs can be just as alarming as adult cockroaches. These pests could be hiding in your home. We can help if you are having trouble sleeping at night because of bugs! Maggie’s Farm Simply Effective Pest Control Products are available.

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