Dental Health for Cats and Dogs

As important as taking care of your own teeth, it is equally important to take care of your pet’s. It could cause discomfort and high vet bills. It is possible for a condition to become more severe over time. This can lead to the animal being put to bed.

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Adult dogs have 42 teeth while adult cats have only 30. It is a good idea to start a routine for dental care when your kittens or puppies are young. This will make the process more natural and easier. Sugary treats, like humans, should be avoided as they can cause decay and buildup of plaque.

Dental health issues: Signs

You can tell if your dog or cat has a problem with their mouth by looking at the symptoms. You can immediately improve their oral health by changing the way you care for them. However, if your symptoms persist or are not on the upper end of this list, it is a good idea to visit your vet.

  • Bad breath
  • When eating or drinking, there is a sensation in the mouth.
  • Incapacity to chew normal food
  • Drooling
  • Tooth that are missing or loose
  • Gums that are bleeding or inflamed
  • Appetite loss

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Dog and cat teeth cleaning

While some pets enjoy having their teeth cleaned, others are more resistant to the idea. Human toothpaste contains fluoride, which can cause stomach upsets and heavy metal poisoning. To reward your pet for good behavior, you can associate cleaning their teeth with a treat. You won’t have to clean your pet’s teeth for more than two minutes, as it is not necessary for humans. A few seconds a day can make a big difference in maintaining a healthy mouth.

The Arm and Hammer Toothbrush can reach all areas of your pet’s gums. It has a 3-sided design that fits comfortably in the mouth and makes the process easier. Johnson’s Triple Action Toothpaste for Dogs and Cats comes in a delicious chicken flavor that will appeal to your pet while cleaning their teeth, protecting their gums, and keeping their breath fresh.

Plaque-removing toys

If brushing is not an option, certain toys can help remove plaque. These toys are made to help dogs maintain their teeth and gums. They use the dog’s natural instincts to chew and massage the gums to keep them healthy.

For example, the Pennine Mighty Mouth Blue Dental Ring Dog Toy is made with a textured design. This will fit between your teeth and help to remove any plaque or debris.

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Healthy mouth can be maintained by eating healthy food

You can also clean your pet’s teeth with food and treats. Pet food companies often make special versions of their products to treat dental issues and keep teeth in top shape. They are delicious and can reduce plaque.

Canagan Dental Free Run Turkey Grain Free Dry Dog Food, is one example. It contains their ProDen PlaqueOff formulation. Dentalife Salmon Cat Treats for cats are crunchy and porous, helping to maintain good dental health.

A Guide to Dr John Dog Food

Gilbertson & Page Ltd’s Dr John dog food line is made by Gilbertson & Page Ltd. This family-owned company has been making delicious dog food since 1873.

They are a market leader for canine nutrition and were awarded the Royal Warrant in 1884. This was a distinction they continue to uphold until today.

Dr John only uses the best quality ingredients in all their dog food products. He has done extensive research on what dogs need at various stages of their lives to keep them healthy and active. Dr John has developed nutritionally complete food in hypoallergenic and grain-free recipes to help sensitive stomachs. Others focus on slow release energy to keep your dog active throughout the day.

These are just a few of the delicious dog foods Dr John offers.

Dr John Grain-Free Potato and Chicken with Vegetables, Gravy and Vegetables

Grain-free diets have been shown to be extremely beneficial for dogs, particularly those with sensitive stomachs. Grain-free recipes are easier to digest and prevent any bloating that can hinder dogs’ ability to be as active as they should.

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This tasty mixture includes 50% chicken, which is an excellent source for protein. It also contains essential oils and fats to keep your dog healthy longer. This is especially beneficial for working and sport dogs and will give them plenty of energy to get through senior and adult life.

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