The Most “Beautiful Fish” in the World

There are many types of Beautiful fish; they come in all shapes and sizes.

  • Each fish is unique, from the fascinating Mandarin to the Beautiful fish cartoonish-looking Picasso Triggerfish.
  • We have snitched down more than 20,000 fish species to the 15 most beautiful fish on the planet.

Threadfin Butterfly

This Butterfly is the focal point of many home aquariums. It has a beautiful bold personality that matches its bold colors.

It can reach lengths up to 9 inches, and it has a calm demeanor that makes it one of the most photographed underwater.

Their bodies are pearly white, which blends into bright yellow towards boris the wolf the tail and dorsal fins. The perpendicular black lines create a chevron-like pattern.

These fish need large tanks (minimum 100 gallons). They are also able to adapt well to aquarium life. This makes them a great for beginners.

Betta beautiful fish are also known as Siamese fighting Fish and are one of the most sought-after aquarium.

They were selectively bred for bright colors and distinctive tails. Due to their aggressive nature, the dogs were also bred as fighters.

Bettas aren’t able to display the same vibrant colors we achieve through selective breeding in the aquariums. They blend well with their natural habitat, which is rice paddies and floodplains.

Bettas can inhale oxygen directly from the atmosphere, and also through their gills.

Regal Angel beautiful fish

All Angels are elegant and beautiful, but the regal angelfish is the most stunning. It can be difficult to keep in an aquarium.

They can grow up to 10 inches long, so a large tank is necessary (minimum 100 gallons) with lots of hiding places.

They prefer to live in areas rich in coral reefs and will stay near areas with many cracks, caves and crevices. They can live alone or with mated partners.

Symphysodon Discus

This stunning fish is often referred to as the king and queen of the aquarium. It’s a magnificent centerpiece, so it’s easy to see why.

It appears very thin from the front, but they appear rounder on the sides. They are usually around 6 inches long and very elegant, graceful and peaceful.

Discus are also known as the Heckel Discus or the Pineapple Fish. However, the most popular color is the red.

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