Raw fish should be avoided by your cat. Vitamin B is vital for your cat. It can cause seizures or even coma.

It is important to understand that cats can’t eat regular tuna cans. They are deficient in taurine. These foods contain taurine.

Remember that bacteria can be carried by raw meats and fish. Anisakis can infect fish with its parasitic worm.


Cats don’t like people. Cats don’t like sweet tastes and may have problems with their metabolism. Avoid cake and chocolate as they can cause nausea, liver failure, coordination problems, and even the death of cats. It is important to note that chocolate contains theobromine which can be toxic to animals. It can lead to weakness and even death. Take care of him.


Vegetables aren’t always good for you, at least not for your peers. Thiosulfate can be found in garlic, onions and garlic. It can cause anemia and damage the red blood cells in animals.


Experts say salt clogs the blood vessels. Salt buildup in the kidneys can cause problems with fluid drainage and fluid removal. Salty foods can also cause high blood pressure.


It occurs in the same way as undercooked fish. Eggs are high in avidin, a protein that prevents the absorption and synthesis B vitamins. Cats can suffer from nutritional deficiencies due to this protein. Parasites can also be found in the food, which can cause illness in an animal.

If you don’t want your pet to contract salmonella bacteria, avoid raw eggs. Use small quantities of hard-boiled eggs.


Cats can’t drink coffee because of coffee diseases

Cats who consume stimulants such as coffee or tea can become anxious or upset. Cats who drink caffeine or consume it will exhibit many interesting properties, as they are not capable of removing toxic substances from their livers (such as those of dogs).


Bread, cereals, etc. These foods can cause discomfort and digestive problems in your cat. You should ensure that the food has enough grains.


Feeding your cat cat milk is the number one mistake people make with cat food. Advertising claims can become ingrained in our brains and cause a lot confusion. It is unacceptable to imagine a kitten drinking milk from his bowl. Except for the two-month lactation, he will not drink milk. They may not wish to drink milk, but it is possible that they have digestive problems.


He is sensitive to fats, and eating nuts or fried foods can cause serious stomach problems. This diet can cause everything from diarrhea and kidney disease.


Grapes can be extremely dangerous, even if consumed in small quantities. This can lead to kidney damage, and even death.